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Project - Heathrow Airport Cargo Area

The cargo processing area airside at Heathrow airport was extremely slippery when wet causing a number of lost time accidents and injuries. Revolutionary Coatings were approached to come up with a solution for applying a non-slip finish over the roller deck however, there were some challenges!

  • The roller bed could never be taken out of action or loose more than 25% of its capacity
  • No on-site work could take place, any preparation of the surface or broadcasting of non-slip media would potentially damage the roller wheels
  • Bolts to remove the individual plates were mostly corroded due to de-icing products & moisture.

The Solution

21 new plates were made up, coated in a non slip polyurethane finish and used to initiate a roll programme whereby old plates were removed, replaced with pre-coated panels, taken to the workshop for processing and then returned and swapped for another 21 plates.

  • 288 Individual plates removed, coated and replaced on-site.
  • 10,800 nuts and bolts removed & replaced (most of them drilled out due to corrosion)
  • 55 8mm drill bits used
  • 367 5mm Allen key bits snapped

Project - Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza coffee had a steel mezzanine deck installed within their facility, the steel deck was welded to the support structure below however, a large amount of flex was still present, especially with two 2Tonne forklift trucks driving along the length of the mezzanine all day. The large amount of flex within the deck was causing the existing resin flooring system to crack and break away from the substrate, leaving patches of unsightly and unprotected steel flooring. Lavazza had a further Mezzanine deck being installed in another area of the factory and were wanting this area protected with a suitable product from the outset, ensuring a long service life for the area with no need for repair in the future.

The Challenges

  • 24/7 Factory operation meant there was only a 4 day window for work to take place
  • Due to being a food processing environment, strong containment processes had to be put in place to ensure no contamination of surrounding areas.
  • Product must be hard wearing and flexible enough to withstand continued flex and forklift movement.

The Solution

Line-X XS-350 sprayed at 3.5mm thick in grey, with a light non-slip profile was selected as the most appropriate material for the job, with its high elongation, tear strength and abrasion resistance giving it the most favourable characteristics for the job. To give optimal performance, the original coating was fully removed and both mezzanines shot blasted to SA2.5 standard giving a strong profile for adhesion, a chemical adhesion enhancer was also added into the resin side of the XS-350, giving a tenacious physical and chemical bond to the substrate.

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