Film Sets, Props, Scenery And Sculpture

Combining Processes To Transform The Ordinary & Create The Extraordinary

Small & Large Scale Projects

Utilising our wide range of coatings and technique, we can create, transform and re-produce a huge range of small and large scale props, sculptures and scenic backgrounds. From spray chromed gold bullion, hard and soft armour, Trees and giant sculptures amongst many other exciting projects, we’ve applied our process on many exciting applications.

Hard-coating of foam and EPS sculpts
Hard-coating of film sets and attractions
Moulding and casting of closed & open backed moulds
Spray foaming of moulds & film sets
Soft & Rigid materials for stunt props

On-site and in-house finishing and spray painting
Spray chroming and metal effects
Shop window and public displays
Space sourcing & Management of large scale projects
Out of hours working

Project Gallery

Some of our favourite projects & applications

Poly-sculpted plane fuselage for Kidzania in London, Manufactured from carved polystyrene, hard- coated in Class 1 fire rated Polyurethane, sanded, primed and top-coated.

Power Tree DJ booth, Manufactured from carved polystyrene around a steel support structure, The polystyrene was hard-coated in our Class B1 / S1 polyurethane before being finished by a team of scenic artists. The finish was then sealed in with an extra tough Matt clear-coat.

Tree Den – made from fibre reinforced Polyurethane spray applied into a silicone mould with brown in mould colouring

Sculpted film set cave – hard-coated in Class 1 Polyurethane ready for filming

24ft Long scaffold boards – Sprayed from a silicone mould. Soft Polyurethane skin with a rigid foam core and central reinforcement.

20M tall head stage for Block 9 – Glastonbury. Medium rise polyurethane foam sprayed over canvas and plywood panels, Sculpted, hard-coated and then scenic art-worked.

Starbug Polysculp hard-coated on-site ready for art-working

Grand Marnier Lion – Hard-coated polystyrene sculpt with gold topcoat and lace applied.

Sheild’s manufactured from polyurethane pulled from a silicone mould with in-mould rust effect applied.

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We’d love to discuss your projects requirements. Give us a call or send us a message below!


We’d love to discuss your projects requirements. Give us a call or send us a message below!