Polyurea & Polyurethane Coatings

Plural Component Industrial Coatings For Commercial, Scenic and Bespoke applications

Fully Waterproof

Provide a tough, waterproof, seamless coating over virtually any substrate

Fully Mobile

Got larger projects? With our fully contained mobile setup, we come to you.

VOC & CFC Free

Our Polyurea & Polyurethane coatings are 100% VOC & CFC free.


Soft, hard, fully flexible, fire rated; with seemingly endless formulations available, theres a coating for every requirement.

Spray Applied Polyurea Coatings And Polyurethane Coatings

High performance – Long lasting coating solutions for any project

Spray applied polyurea and polyurethane coatings are extremely versatile. The wide range of formulations available make them suitable for a variety of applications both commercially and domestically. They provide a tough, seamless coating to almost any surface, with excellent mechanical and physical properties including; flexibility, strength, elongation, impact and tear resistance that are unrivalled by other coating systems.

The way the products are applied means we can scale from small, individual items in our workshops to large commercial projects across thousands of square feet on-site.

Resistant to wear and mechanical abrasion
Excellent adhesion to most substrates
Fully seamless & Waterproof membrane
In-house & on-site service available
Fast cure time (touch dry in seconds) - fast return to service
Fire rated products available
WRAS & Reg 31 approved coatings for potable water
Anti-microbial coatings
Flexible coatings for foams & soft furnishings
High chemical resistance

Areas of application

Van Lining & Truck Bed spraying - LINE-X

High Performance Coatings for Industrial and Automotive use

  • Van load area protection
  • Custom automotive coatings
  • Truck bed lining
  • Industrial Coatings

Commercial & Industrial flooring

Tough, Seamless flooring membranes

  • High traffic areas
  • high mechanical & chemical resistance
  • Fully waterproof - Easy to clean
  • Fast drying, quick return to service
  • Sound absorbing properties

Sets, Scenery & Sculptures

Hard-coating, moulding and art-working of foam and poly-carving

  • Fire rated products
  • Different flexibilities available
  • Small & Large scale projects possible
  • Finishing, painting and art-working of coated surface

Moulding and props

Moulding of props or small batch runs

  • Different flexibilities and hardness for varying uses
  • Can be backfilled with foam or glass fibre for reinforcement
  • In-mould colours and metal effects possible
  • Rapid dry times = faster de-moulding, Pull in less than 60Seconds

Soft and hard furnishings

Furniture for external use and challenging environments

  • Hard, waterproof furniture for external use
  • Super tough soft furnishings for challenging environments
  • Available in endless colours
  • Fire rated

Speakers, AV and specialist equipment

Weatherproofing and protecting specialist equipment in demanding environments

  • Speakers, flight-cases and audio equipment either installed or on-tour
  • Speaker re-furbishing service
  • Tough, waterproof coating protects equipment
  • Coloured coatings available

Roofing & Asbestos encapsulation

Bringing new life into tired and leaky roofs

  • seals surface preventing leaks
  • Tough, Seamless, Watertight
  • Maintenance free
  • Proven Asbestos encapsulation system
  • Can be applied alongside spray foam insulation

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