Liquid Metal Coatings

Looks and feels like metal - Because it is!


Transform ordinary materials into luxurious metal finishes, making the ordinary - extraordinary


Blend metals, textures, patinas and colours to make your project stand out


Internal, external, flexible, hardwearing, water-based. Options whatever the requirements

Spray Applied Liquid Metal Coatings

Encase your project in luxurious, real metal finishes

Our liquid metal coatings look and feel like metal – and that’s because they are! A layer of real metal is sprayed onto the surface which can then be brushed, sanded, polished or even aged to give you any effect or a combination of effects. Amazing liquid metal finishes can be applied to virtually any surface or substrate including fabrics and rubbers (yes it’s flexible metal!)

Bespoke Furniture
Film Sets & Props
Interior & Exterior Cladding
On-Site Services Availiable

Our Finishes

Liquid metal can be combined in any number of ways; blend them to make new colours and tones, Texture them for a deep, luxurious finish, patina them to give character. The options really are endless! Below are just some of our standard and more bespoke options.

Brass liquid metal finishes

Green Brass

Green brass - Black Patina

Green brass textured

Brown Brass

Antique brass lettering

Bronze liquid metal finishes

Polished Bronze

Aged Bronze

Black Bronze

Patinated Bronze

Textured Bronze

Iron, Rust & Corten steel liquid metal finishes

Iron Polished

Iron textured

Blackened steel

Iron rusted

Corten steel

Copper liquid metal Finishes

Copper high polish

Brushed copper, black patina

Verdigris copper

Antique copper

Dark Verdigris copper

Aluminium, Gunsmoke & Silver liquid metal Finishes

Cast Aluminium

Structured gunsmoke

Polished Gunsmoke

Brushed Zinc

Nickel Silver

Project Gallery

Plywood "storage tanks" sprayed in brushed aluminium liquid metal for the set of jurassic world.

Spiral Staircase sprayed on-site in antique bronze Liquid metal

Mannequin hands sprayed in liquid metal copper

Apartment door numbers in Corten rusted iron Liquid metal finish

Mannequin torso sprayed in textured tin liquid metal

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