Spray Painting

Any colour - Any surface - Any size

Taking The Pain Out Of Spray Painting Suppliers

A Technical solution – Not just a beautiful one  

Finding a high quality, reliable and well experienced spray painting shop can be a painful experience. With such a high level of experience, skill and technical knowledge required to deliver a project on time and to specification it can be a big headache trying to find the right supplier!

Working from our extensively equipped and centrally located facilities just outside London, we can offer you with a reliable, high quality and effective spray paint solution.  Striving on delivering you the best results no matter how large, small, weird, wonderful or simple your project may be.

Whatever the requirements of your project either commercial or domestic, we utilise both our in-house expertise and that of some of the industries best suppliers to ensure that we provide you with a spray paint solution that not only looks visually stunning but is also specified to perform to your projects exact specification – so that it continues to look good for years to come!

Project to big or cumbersome or complex to get over to us? We also offer on-site spray painting!

Check out or portfolios below for different applications and galleries.

Areas of application and specialities

  • Any colour or surface finish (We haven’t found a colour or finish we couldn’t match yet!)
  • Virtually any surface or substrate paintable using high performing, technically advanced products
  • Painting / finishing of MDF, timber and other joinery
  • Industrial painting and applications
  • Point of sale, exhibition and event furniture
  • Specialists in speaker and audio equipment re-colours
  • Kitchen and homeware re-colouring
  • Signage, models, displays and 3D prints. including foam and highly porous – sometimes regarded as unpaintable surfaces!
  • Direct adhesion to a wide variety of plastics, aluminium and other metals
  • products for demanding environments such as Marine and costal environments
  • Texture / soft touch coatings including suede effect
  • Glass / Plastic back painting
  • Thin film and “spray anodising” for products, prototypes and production runs

Cant find something on the list that fits your requirements? Give us a call and we will find the solution for you