Speakers, Flight Cases and Audio

Protecting your equipment - installed or on the road

Speakers, Flight cases & Audio

Our spray applied polyurea & polyurethane systems are perfect for protecting your valuable or sensitive assets such as speakers, flight cases and audio cabinets. Revolutionary Coatings have provided coating systems to some of the largest audio equipment manufacturers, providing them with a solution that looks great and performs under the toughest conditions.

Renowned for high quality, we have perfected the texturing process and can finish items consistently to your specifications, with the option for top coating in any colour your kit will look professional for years to come

• 100% Solids, No VFCs No CFCs
• Protection against damage – Especially beneficial with multiple setups and tear downs.
• Monolithic membrane providing protection against moisture
• Prevents wood rotting and metal corrosion
• Durable finish with no maintenance required
• High elongation, Strength and tear resistance. Will not crack or peel or peel even under extreme conditions

• Chemical Resistant to most chemicals
• Touch Dry in 10 Seconds, Allowing quick return to service
• Available in virtually any colour or finish
• Reduces ongoing maintenance costs
• Keeps assets in good condition, Boosting resale value