Props, Sets, Displays and Exhibitions

Versatile Coatings for any application

Films, Sets & Displays

With modern rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D Printing and CNC cutting of expanded polystyrene foams becoming common in the film Industry, it is important that the finished product is durable enough to be used on set over and over again. Our coatings will give items a strong, weatherproof outer skin that allows items to be produced in a very cost effective manner.

Due to the versatile nature and flexibility of our processes the possibilities are only limited by your imagination, Available in different colours, finishes and physical properties, whether you want something strong enough to drive over or soft enough people can bounce off it, we can tailor a solution to meet your requirements. With our ability to then topcoat and even scenic artwork on top of the hard-coat, we can see the finishing of your project through from start to finish

Items can be sprayed within our well equipped facility or for larger items, we can come and coat the at your premises. We understand the tight timescales within this industry and are used to working within them, doing everything possible to ensure your project come in on-spec and on-time!

• 100% Solids, No VFCs No CFCs
• Protection against damage
• Monolithic membrane providing protection against moisture and damage
• Tailored to your needs
• Fast turnarounds available
• In-house or on-site work available
• Top coating and scenic artwork available

• Characters and animals
• Intricate building facades and scenery
• Artificial Rocks and forestry
• Props and backdrops
• Promotional or memorabilia pieces
• Set roofing / waterproofing