High performance – Long lasting

Spray applied polyurea and polyurethane coatings

Spray Applied Polyurea Coatings And Polyurethane Coatings 

High performance – Long lasting coating solutions for any project 

Our spray applied polyurea coatings and polyurethane coatings are extremely versatile making them suitable for an incredibly broad range of applications both commercially and domestically.

They provide a tough, monolithic coating to virtually any substrate with excellent mechanical properties including flexibility, strength, elongation and impact resistance properties that are unrivaled by other coating systems. The way in which they are applied means they can be scaled from small individual items in our unit to large commercial projects on site across thousands of square feet. Coated items can be prepared and coloured in our Spray Painting facilities providing an all in one coating and finishing service for props, furniture and point of sale displays

Alongside our Line-X products that are ideal for commercial vehicles and industrial work; we have a broad range of Polyurea & polyurethane products that can be selected and tailored to your projects requirements. The different options available include;

  • Ultra soft & flexible coatings for furniture, foams and stunt props
  • Class 1 Fire rated coatings
  • Hard coatings ideal for scenography and moulding
  • WRAS & Regulation 31 approved coatings for potable water
  • Blast Mitigation and ballistic coatings
  • Anti-microbial coatings
  • Highly abrasion resilient coatings
  • Anti-Slip coatings
  • Chemical resistant coatings

Check out or portfolios below for different applications and galleries.

Key features:

  • Resistant to abrasion and mechanical wear
  • Excellent adhesion to almost any substrate with the correct preparation
  • Fully waterproof and provides a monolithic membrane over the surface
  • Fully mobile – We can come to you
  • Minimal downtime and fast return to service, sets in under 10 seconds and can withstand foot traffic within minutes
  • Contains no CFCs or VOCs
  • Conforms to surface contours and details
  • Wide colour choice
  • Various options available such as anti-slip, anti- microbial and chemical resistant
  • Fire rated
  • Protects assets keeping them looking fresh and extending service life

Areas of application for Polyurea Coatings & Polyurethane Coatings

  • Protection, waterproofing and slip resistance for vehicles
  • Finishes where high wear/traffic would ruin normal paint
  • Weatherproofing and protection for audio and other expensive equipment
  • Anti-Slip flooring
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Hardcoating of sculptures, props and prototypes
  • Spray into a mould and produce armour, scenery and props
  • Anti-chill handrails and seating
  • Blast containment

Open the various portfolio pages below to view specific uses, benefits, case studies and galleries for our Polyurea Coatings and Polyurethane Coatings work