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A coating for every purpose

We provide a comprehensive range of coatings to suit the majority of uses, Chrome, Waterproofing, Paint effects, Anti slip and everything in between. Cant see that anything we do meets your requirements? let us know and we will work with you to develop a solution. we love to innovate and develop new techniques.

Polyurea / Polyurethane

Our spray applied polyurea and polyurethane coatings are very versatile and are suitable for an incredibly broad range of applications. They offer properties that are unrivaled by other coating systems and can be scaled from small individual items to large commercial projects.

Spray-On Chrome

The “spray on chrome” process can apply a highly reflective mirror like shine to almost any substrate. It achieves this by depositing a layer of real silver onto the surface that is locked in and protected with clear coat to give it a high lustre and protect it from the elements.

Liquid Metal

Our liquid metal coatings look and feel like metal – and that’s because they are! A layer of real metal is sprayed onto the surface which can then be brushed, sanded, polished or even aged to give you any effect or a combination of effects.