Liquid Metal

Looks and feels like metal - Because it is !!

Our liquid metal coatings look and feel like metal – and that’s because they are! A layer of real metal is sprayed onto the surface which can then be brushed, sanded, polished or even aged to give you any effect or a combination of effects. Amazing metal finishes can be applied to virtually any surface or substrate including fabrics and rubbers (yes its flexible metal!)

It’s not just decorative either; it is hard wearing making it suitable for applications such as counter-tops and public areas.  Studies have also shown that copper has vast anti-bacterial properties and can achieve a 99.9% kill rate against bacteria such as MRSA and e-coli making it functional for public spaces and medical facilities.

Some uses for these products include:

• Interior architecture and design
• Prop and set work
• Art and sculpture
• Building cladding & Finishing
• Bespoke furniture