Spray-on Chrome

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Spray-on Chrome

The “spray on chrome” process can apply a highly reflective mirror like shine to almost any substrate. It achieves this by depositing a layer of real silver onto the surface that is locked in and protected with clear coat to give it a high lustre and protect it from the elements.

Because this is a paint process it can be applied to any surface and is not limited to metal items, plastic, ceramic, glass and even wood can be given reflective chrome appearance. The topcoat can then be tinted to replicate metals such as brass, copper and gold or colored to a colour of your preference.

Key features to these products are:

  • Apply to virtually any substrate
  • Quick turnaround times possible compared to traditional methods
  • Topcoat can be tinted any colour or shade giving a colored chrome – colours
  • Can also be “wet-on-wet” blended to give an endless array of multicolor finishes
  • Cost effective